Is it Worth the Price?

Everything in life comes with a price tag.

Not necessarily a “price tag” in terms of money, but in terms of “paying a price.”  28366_389361693609_1115444_n

Sometimes people have a particular skill that allows them to “get by” for a little while, but I believe my opening statement is irrefutable.

The Olympic champion pays the price through years of practice, just for a shot at the goal.
The entrepreneur pays the price by risking time and money. Again, often years of toil.
The corporate executive sacrifices social activities, perhaps family life, and spends years climbing the ladder. Or perhaps spent years in school, making those same sacrifices in the classroom along the way.

There’s always a price to pay.

The question is, are you willing to pay the price for what you wish you achieve in life?
If your goal is bigger than what you’re willing to pay . . . you simply cannot have it.

For instance, I’ve been an amateur athlete all my life. I love sports. I grew up playing basketball, football, and baseball. I also played golf and segued over to men’s softball (after the pounding of football, baseball, and basketball became too much). I’ve worked out at the gym off and on for 25 years, and still do. But I haven’t had abs in, well (full disclosure), I’ve never had abs! Maybe when I was six, but I think those were ribs!

I’m an intelligent man. I know exactly what to do to have abs. I’ve seen the moniker “abs are made in the kitchen.” And guess what? I’m not willing to pay that price. I’d rather eat steak and drink Johnnie Walker than have abs. It’s that simple.

I look back at life and wonder what it would have been like to go to Harvard. The price of Harvard would have been less time playing and partying. I would have needed to develop strong study habits and strive for A’s in school. If I could go back, I might pay that price. But as a teenager, I certainly was not willing. Would it have been worth it? Most likely, yes.

I have, however, paid the price in life. We all have, be it in a positive or negative way.

When I was in my late 20’s and early 30’s, my life revolved around working at the newspaper and playing softball. I was pretty good. I played in multiple leagues and traveled to play in tournaments. I lived for it. Looking back, it was the time of my life. When I was 33, though, and in my prime, I started my own business. I knew there would have to be sacrifice and I made the decision to “pay the price” and give up the most important thing.

Was it worth it? Absolutely, yes! For me.

The funny thing about sacrifice is that many times AFTER you’ve “paid the price” you can later un-sacrifice. In other words, after years off from softball (and after attaining my business goals) I was able to go back to it. Had I sacrificed as a teenager and gone to Harvard, I’d eventually have been able to go back to playing and partying – probably at a much higher degree. (Pun intended)

The point I’m making this week is that you must first decide what it is you may want in life.
Next, check the price tag. What will you be willing to sacrifice? Don’t even waste your time thinking you can attain the goal without paying your tuition. So if the price is more than you can justify – either lower your expectations or increase your sacrifice.

As Mr Pruchnicki used to say in my college statistics class; “they’re mutually exclusive.”

I’m Glad I Drank the Kool-Aid!


One thought on “Is it Worth the Price?

  1. cardsr4u says:

    So true my friend. Looking back over my 61 years, I know that when I made a decision to go after something, I got it. Great post Tommy !!


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