Look! No Hands!!

Did you ever teach a child to ride a bike?  Smiling-Girl-on-bike

Remember when YOU learned?

I recall picking a lot of blacktop out of my hands, elbows, and knees when I learned on my gold-and-orange Huffy back in the early 70’s. I remember praying that my father wouldn’t let go of the aptly named “sissy bar” as he ran along behind me.

When it became my turn to pay it forward with my daughters, I needed a better plan than my father had. When you have sons, you just tell them to stop whining and suck it up. Girls are different (at least to me).
This older, wiser, and more enlightened version of myself has put together the “personal development method” of learning to ride a bike.

I decided I should just write up a simple list of how-to instructions and have them study it.

1) Get on the bike.
2) Start pedaling.
3) Get your speed up.
4) Wa-la! It’s literally as easy as riding a bike!

Then I figured I could take it a step further and serve ALL of man and womankind. I can record a You Tube video!
I mean, it’s the new millenium and kids relate more with video’s these days.

So I put together a simple and quick video, stating steps 1-4 above but also showing me executing those steps simultaneously.

Guess what? It didn’t work.

Clearly, as simple as it is to ride a bike, I’m overlooking an element that can’t be described or demonstrated.

Balance cannot be learned in a training manual. It’s a “feeling” that you learn to acquire only through “doing.” It’s the same as learning to drive a manual shift vehicle. I can tell you, or even show you until I’m blue in the face. But you can’t grasp the understanding of balance until you’ve achieved it.

The same thing holds true in life as it pertains to your chosen field of endeavor or, in my case, a network marketing business. As I run training classes around the world, people invariably are showing up hoping to capture the golden ticket. They’re hoping to learn the magical formula and get that one priceless nugget that will set them free.

Let me save you some time. Here’s the answer. It’s balance.

1. Get on the bike.
2. Start pedaling.
3. Get your speed up.
4. Wa-la! It’s literally as easy as riding a bike!

Whether you’re starting a new job, taking the stage as a singer or an actor, lacing up your cleats as a professional athlete, or beginning a network marketing business the only way to learn is to confront the butterflies and just GO. Any fear you’re experiencing is the same fear you survived on the blacktop back in the day.

In network marketing it’s
1. Make a list.
2. Share your opportunity / product with the people on that list.
3. Help those who are interested, get started!
4. Wa-la!

You don’t need a four-hour training seminar to do those simple things. Again, though, your enemy is fear, self-doubt, and the absence of balance. You did it as a kid! You’re a grown adult now, for Pete’s sake!

If you haven’t achieved “balance” in your business yet, then all the books, training seminars, coaching calls, motivation, and inspiration cannot help you. The only way to acquire it is to face your fear, mount up, and ride. Be prepared to fall down a few times and unwrap a few Bandaids. Once you have it, though, its yours forever. Now go put on your helmut and elbow pads!
One day you’ll laugh at yourself for being afraid of something so simple and so awesome.

I’m Glad I Drank the Kool-Aid!


One thought on “Look! No Hands!!

  1. Tammy Triplett says:

    It is so true. A book or seminar can’t teach you how to do NWM. You have to simply do it!! I call it earn as you learn…what can be better? Don’t despair you WILL FALL plenty of times, just have to get back up & try again. Great analogy Tommy!! I believe I’ll keep on trying until I ride the sucker. It’s going to be an incredible journey with you guys.


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