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Nature’s Way of Cleaning House

Up here in Connecticut, we got hammered by a crazy thunderstorm last night. Yeah, its February, but torrential rains all day long were accompanied by temperatures in the high 50’s and gale-force winds all night long. Lots of people lost power and many schools in the area were closed or delayed.

As I walked up my driveway this morning, I marveled as I kicked aside literally  hundreds of scattered broken sticks and branches that came down during the storm. I “marveled” because it occurred to me that nature has a way of always clearing out the weak and the broken, heading into the renewal that is spring.

I see this happening all the time in network marketing as well. Companies, and downline organizations within those companies, are periodically cleansed by a storm. Let’s call them “storms of circumstance.”

Maybe it was an adjustment in the compensation plan. Maybe it was a change in product or product ingredients. Maybe a shiny new object (a new company) presented itself. Maybe a key leader left and shepherded her team to another company.

There are countless little storms of circumstance happening all around us all the time which can sometimes seem catastrophic. But invariably, when they’re over, the homeowners clean up, the trees who weather the storm grow stronger, and the forest finds a way to regenerate.

Nature is amazing.


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