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On Leadership

“What is it that you love about leadership?”

That’s a question that was posed to me this morning by a woman on Facebook and, strangely, one that I hadn’t heard before.

As I sipped the day’s first cup of coffee, it didn’t take me long to realize the answer.

My first hero, as a little boy, was Joe Namath. Joe was the quarterback of the New York Jets who were a huge underdog in Super Bowl III. Nobody thought the Jets had a chance to win. Not the fans, not the media, and probably not even the majority of the players on the team. But when asked what HE thought about the Super Bowl, “Broadway Joe” as he was later nicknamed, said “We’ll win. I guarantee it.” He didn’t say it in a boastful way, yet he said it with an easy confidence. What transpired was the greatest upset in Super Bowl history.

Joe said it would be so!

So, by my definition, leadership isn’t just saying you’re going to do something. It’s saying it, believing it, inspiring that belief in others, and then being instrumental in helping them get it done. It’s a powerful word and a courageous and noble act.

What is your definition of leadership? What is it that YOU love (or like) about it?

Is it something that you seek, or something you strive to provide?

All great questions.

Joe Namath
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