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Hopes & Dreams Sold Here

Network marketing is “all about the products!” Bullshit.

Let me explain.

I fell in love with the network marketing model over 20 years ago when I first saw it. It was brilliant. Instead of me having to do a lot of work, it was about a lot of people doing a little bit of work. I’ve always loved the idea of large potential gains from small, consistent, measured efforts.

I’ve since earned a small fortune with companies that sold long distance service, vitamins, online greeting cards, skin care, and TV boxes. It would be accurate to say that I don’t “love” any of those things. What I do love is people. And one thing that I’ve learned is that most people have hopes and dreams.

That – in my opinion – is what network marketing is about. No matter the company, no matter the product or service, what network marketing offers is a chance at a better tomorrow. It’s that inner hope that will drive someone to push through comfort zones and sacrifice a little bit of that spare time.

Tune out the hype. Ignore the million (and billion) dollar promises. Don’t listen to the posers who tell you that traditional jobs are somehow the enemy. Instead, ask yourself if you’d like a $1,000 a month asset. What about $5k or $10k? That, on top of what you currently earn, would make for a sweet lifestyle improvement.

Not only is that realistic, it’s also intelligent and admirable.

Now I’m not saying that the products aren’t important. They’re vitally important. But it’s NOT “all about the products.”

You want somebody to pull out their credit card and join your team? Show them a way to get what they want (i.e. more money, more fun, more happiness). We’re in the business of hopes and dreams.

  • Full disclosure, I started a new venture in June 2018 that actually has the first product I’ve ever seen that actually does what its says its going to do with a single sample. My views have changed on “how” to open conversations. Now I open with the products. But that doesn’t change the fact that your business partners in network marketing will come through the entrepreneurial opportunity. -TW

Your Problem is That You Don’t Understand the 30-30-30-10 Rule

screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-9-31-00-amDuring a network marketing convention, in my early days, I listened intently as one of our company’s young Generation X leaders, Jeremy Rose, took the stage and explained the 30-30-30-10 Rule. I don’t know if he hypothesized it himself, or was recycling a message he’d heard elsewhere, but it stuck with me and has directly influenced my life for the past 15 years.

Here’s the rule:

It doesn’t matter the subject (sports, religion, politics, broccoli, needlepoint, or calculus); 30% of people will be passionate about that subject in a favorable way, 30% will be vehemently against it, 30% will be neutral, and 10% will be clueless (confused).

So what’s the purpose of this theory?

Really it exists to help us better understand human beings and to keep our own sanity in check. In the network marketing arena, apply those numbers as to how people will react when you share your product or opportunity.

As you troll Facebook, looking to jump into political arguments, understand those numbers.

If you’re in a position of influence, you might persuade a segment of the neutral 30 (maybe 30% of them according to the Rule). And with the proper carrot you can probably get the “confused 10” to do or believe just about anything.

The most important takeaway from “the Rule,” from a relationship perspective is to realize that somebody isn’t necessarily stupid or ignorant because they don’t see your thing your way. It’s insane to throw away a friendship because somebody doesn’t like “broccoli” like you do. It’s even kind of silly to be angry about it.

Don’t try to rationalize “the Rule.” Just accept it.

Baseball Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda once said, “Every year, every team will win 60 games and every team will lose 60 games. It’s what happens in the other 42 games that determines success and failure.”

Tommy knew the Rule.

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