To all my friends! Do NOT go out and join a gym this year. I know a guy who tried that and it didn’t work.

Enjoying a cup of coffee  on the couch this January 2 morning, my wife was watching Kathy Lee and Hoda interview the experts on metabolism, how to get in shape, lose weight, etc, etc, etc. And I almost got suckered in!

Lucky for me, I did some research and discovered that going to the gym doesn’t guarantee any success. They don’t tell you that when they take your money. I found out that you actually have to exercise there. Not only that, but even those who DO, will be unspeakably sore all over for the next several days. DAYS, not hours!

Research shows that even those who survive the initial first few days still have to go back and workout again on a regular basis. Like, seriously, every day.

If you’re motivated enough to do that, the next thing you’ll discover is that exercise is only a small part of it. Next, they try to convince you to give up pizza, pasta, barbecue, bourbon, and bagels with cream cheese. They tried to brainwash you into eating things like yogurt, kale and quinoa.

A former sales rep from a well-known national chain (didn’t want his name on record) said that a high percentage of people who join the gym never get in shape. He said that he can produce factual proof that most people who join, quit. You can’t argue with facts.

And don’t think that working out at home is any different. I know a guy who bought a treadmill and uses it to hang his clothes on.

I’m just thankful that I wasn’t seduced by the pictures of the sweaty people with rock hard abs. It really seems like a cult to me. Sure, there are some people who get in great shape but they must have gotten in at the beginning. Glad I did my research!



Do You Choose Hatred?

03fa21a1c8f5a3238936970e966add78There’s a lot of talk about hatred going on these days.

This phenomenon occurs daily, but really spikes up in four-year cycles when people appoint themselves political activists and take to the airwaves running their mouths over something they (mostly) don’t know much about.

I’ve never been an expert on politics, but I’ve observed that our political opinions are based largely on which television network we choose to watch, which newspaper we choose to read, and which Facebook posts we choose to believe.

Consequently, every time there’s an election, half the population goes through its “the sky is falling” phase. Every time. And guess what? The sky never falls.

But sadly, this counterproductive “Us against Them” (pick a side) mentality, which exists in Washington perpetually, spills over into the general population creating hatrid and anger, and damaging friendships and family relationships. And boy, does misery love company.

“Suddenly, I’m an expert on what’s going on and if you don’t agree with me, you’re stupid.” Oh yeah, and then there’s the “Please unfriend me now” plea.

Again, full disclosure, I’m more of a sports fan than a political expert. But its easy for me to opine that if half the population always hates and disagrees with our elected officials then the team never moves forward. It’s called divisiveness and “We the people” do it to ourselves. Technology and the internet have allowed “freedom of speech” to get way out of hand, but that’s another blog another time.

Sometimes a divided team can win (see the 77 Bronx Zoo Yankees), but normally we all need to be on the same page to create something great. Naive, I know.

Mirror, mirror on the wall; who’s the problem after all?

Anyway, if you’re really tired of hatred make different choices. Start by getting up and changing the channel. Maybe log off Facebook too.


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